We went to Mijas, fun was this tour. Really nice guide, we made a tour through the mountains by buggy. Off-road driving with the buggy is a really great experience, with beautiful views. I would highly recommend Mijas Buggy.

Black Man Avatar
Black Man

Excellent drive with nice views of the Mijas area. We booked a 3-hour family trip, The trip was amazing, The views were fantastic!! James and Juande were amazing, they were knowledgeable. Thanks

Genesis Marks Avatar
Genesis Marks

Excellent experience, amazing views!! Went on the 2-hour tour, was amazing, was very much fun!! Drive up and down had two stops where I see some views, Was fun and exciting!! Really recommend it..

Mabelle Blaustein Avatar
Mabelle Blaustein

1st time at Mijas Buggy, very fun!! The 3-hour tour was just right for the afternoon. Excellent tour with 60% off-road & 40th% road, Professional guide & well-placed stop. I would recommend them

Johan Lundin Avatar
Johan Lundin

Really fun and nice tour. The sites are absolutely fantastic, we felt safe throughout the tour and the tour was absolutely nice! I would recommend it. "

Olavi Nieminen Avatar
Olavi Nieminen

A very good moment with friends. My, I and friends took out buggy for the 2-hour tour. The instructor was very nice, the landscape was just great. Thanks, them

Arvid Lundin Avatar
Arvid Lundin

Exciting 2 hours of driving over hills around stunning views. Nice buggys and a nice environment. James was really helpful. I would definitely do it again. Recommend it

Marcelo Krom Avatar
Marcelo Krom

Amazing, Friendly, and helpful. This is a super cool activity that was enjoyed by all our friends. We choose a 3-hour tour and saw some landscapes and hills on our journey. Would highly recommend.

Alex Seal Avatar
Alex Seal

This was a great ride. The trip went up and down roads on the mountain, crossing small rivers. Brand new buggy made it even best. This is a must-use if you like these kinds of tours. Thanks owner"

Kyle Bent Avatar
Kyle Bent

C’était parfait ! Nous avons pris un tour de 2h en buggy, c’est passé très vite, nous avons pu admirer les paysages durant ce tourPetit clin d’œil au guide qui était très gentil et à l’écoute

Paula Merc Avatar
Paula Merc

I and my wife had a great 2-hour tour of fun. You will get a little wet when crossing the waterways but that will be a welcome relief when hot. The bandannas are essential to avoid dust. I would differently recommend"

Jermaine Baltazar Avatar
Jermaine Baltazar

Had a great tour overall. Out for about 3 hours driving and quite a bit of that off-road. Overall a great time though, I would recommend this for something a bit differently. recommend..

Jefferson Eakes Avatar
Jefferson Eakes

5 star ratingReally enjoyable. Booked 2-hour Buggy, was well organized and was really enjoyable. The guides were friendly, really enjoy the activity. Loved this place. From start to finish this was well organized, friendly and professional. Recommend this place

dantemM7210TC Avatar

5 star ratingGreat fun and a great view. I and my wife took part in a 2-hour off-road Mijas Buggys. Great fun and a great view. Thank you Mijas Buggys for a great day. It was a really fun time!! Service was very nice, and the landscape was amazing, Thanks

georgebY1361YA Avatar

5 star ratingBeautiful tour and thrilling drive. I would've liked more off-road. Off-road would be nice because that's where it is the more fun. 50% off-road in the 2-hour drive in my experience. it was a beautiful tour and thrilling drive. Highly recommend it

30anaw Avatar

5 star ratingMarvelous tour The Mijas Buggys was by far the great experience, I had during my 1 week's vacation. A fantastic tour starting and going to the beach and mountains, About half of off-road in a natural reserve. The guides were extremely competent, prepared, and patient. You like off-road action, fantastic views, I highly recommend Mijas Buggys...

David12345685566 Avatar

5 star ratingBeautiful time spent We had a beautiful time with Mijas Buggys. Saw the most beautiful views of the ocean and the mountains. Lovely views, The owner and the staff were great. We had a good time. Highly recommended them

joshwL4745LT Avatar

5 star ratingFabulous experience Very much enjoyed by all our family. Buggys was top-notch and clean. The routes taken were really mixed with some tarmac and off-road. off-road being very fun!! Even in the rain, it was a worthwhile experience. Thanks, Mijas Buggys

140breek Avatar

5 star ratingAmazing place As our holiday, we did the 3-hour buggy tour. The directions given were clear and amazing. The owner and the guider were good. We loved the landscape and hills. The weather helped to make it a perfect experience. Would recommend it, Thanks Mijas Buggys

194mirae Avatar

5 star ratingReally enjoy the good experience, Really enjoy the good experience, enjoy the off-road more than the main roads. Our tour guide James and Juande. The tour guide is really nice, I would highly recommend them. Driving times and stops would have been good, It was so much fun!!

3oliviay Avatar

5 star ratingI and my family had immense fun I and my family had immense fun on a wet day. Our tour was well organized on time and off-road. The cars were modern and strong, and powerful enough to deal with the hills. I and my family member would highly recommend it

michellet1234567 Avatar

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