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2 HEURES €120

3 HEURES €170


‘Mijas Buggys hors piste tours en Buggy

Experts de buggy hors piste a Mijas, Fuengirola et la costa del Sol!

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Mijas Buggys hors piste tours en Buggy
Experts de buggy hors piste a Mijas et la costa del Sol!

Mijas buggy tours hors piste, vous offre une aventure inoubliable, en buggy dans les montagnes les plus hautes et eloignees, de la Costa del Sol! 

Pour garantir votre experience hors piste, nous mettons a disposition des buggys de tres bonne qualitees pour parcourir les incroyables pistes, et mettre a l epreuve vos hablitees de conduire.
Vous sortez avec le meilleur materiel disponible.
Ne vous inquietez pas: les buggys sont automatiques, puissants, et les plus surs dans son categorie.
Et tres agreable a conduire.
Pour conduire avec nous, il suffit un permis de conduire valable avoir plus de 18 ans, y aimer l aventure !

Sous le surveillance de nos guides experimentes, votre segurite vient en premier lieu.
Nous faisons un grand effort pour garantir que vous passez un moment fantastique, en vous emmenant en une randonnee inoubliable, a travers un paysage formidable.

Mijas tours en buggy hors-piste, le meilleur a Mijas Costa et alentours.

Just want to say a big thank you for the experience we had. We booked the 2 hour tour and thoroughly enjoyed it with a simple booking process. We had 2 guides with us Neil and James who were both very fun and professional, they give you a safety briefing before you leave which is important to and good instructions on the buggys and also knowledge about the local area. You get alot of driving ( it really is a good 2 hours experience) so be prepared! with a couple of stops along the way to take in the scenery, buggys are well looked after and very fun to drive

Lee Wilkinson Avatar
Lee Wilkinson

Number 1 buggy rental in Costa del Sol 🤩🙌🏽🔥

Klaus Palving Avatar
Klaus Palving

Cracking buggy tour with the lads, recommended!

Darryl Stott Avatar
Darryl Stott

Everything about the experience was fantastic. I took my 7 year old son and was blown away by the whole trip out off roading in the buggy. We were guided safely throughout and stopped to view the surrounding countryside/mountains before heading to a bar for a rest stop then driving back to base. The price was reasonable and I would definitely do it again the next time I go to Fuengirola. I'd give it more stars but the only option is up to 5.

Michelle Stead Avatar
Michelle Stead

Super fun, highly recommended, a great way to see Mijas countryside , took my 12 year old daughter and she loved it. Easy to drive with experienced professional guides.

Marcus Yarwood Avatar
Marcus Yarwood

We went to Mijas, fun was this tour. Really nice guide, we made a tour through the mountains by buggy. Off-road driving with the buggy is a really great experience, with beautiful views. I would highly recommend Mijas Buggy.

Black Man Avatar
Black Man

Excellent drive with nice views of the Mijas area. We booked a 3-hour family trip, The trip was amazing, The views were fantastic!! James and Juande were amazing, they were knowledgeable. Thanks

Genesis Marks Avatar
Genesis Marks

Excellent experience, amazing views!! Went on the 2-hour tour, was amazing, was very much fun!! Drive up and down had two stops where I see some views, Was fun and exciting!! Really recommend it..

Mabelle Blaustein Avatar
Mabelle Blaustein

1st time at Mijas Buggy, very fun!! The 3-hour tour was just right for the afternoon. Excellent tour with 60% off-road & 40th% road, Professional guide & well-placed stop. I would recommend them

Johan Lundin Avatar
Johan Lundin